Social Internment

by Suffer Through

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released May 11, 2016

Tracked at American University by Paul Hernandez, Dawson Bristol, and Patrick Haggerty

Mixed by Paul Hernandez
Mastered by Bill Henderson (Azimuth Mastering)

Artwork by Dom Pabon

Special thanks to Kashif Khan and Nathan Moe



all rights reserved


Suffer Through Damascus, Maryland

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Track Name: Guilty Crown
Guilty crown
Live in shame

Shower abuse for your spotless name

Criminal figures, passing blame
Try to hide the truth under the weight of pain

Social internment

Demonize a race for the actions of one
Buried by guilt for something they haven't done
Terrified of the blame and what you'll lose
You want them all at the end of a noose

Can't you see it?

Wake up

I've seen it

Dividing the youth with this mental abuse

Every man makes his own choice
Track Name: Despondency
My mind, constricted
Is there hope for the restless?
These thoughts pour in to drown me
Everything I believe means nothing
No logic can reach me

Learning through pain

There's no growth in escape
My ignorance will end me
Show me wisdom in pain through this pain

Sever body from soul
I'm helpless, so worthless
Bring me back

My pain is so perfect
Deep down, I deserve it
Track Name: Word of Flesh
Word of flesh, crimeless victim
Let it bleed through into wisdom
Pieces crumble from my mind
How can I be so empty inside?

Pointless pleasures empty me
Tell me how to go on
Promises slip away,
Nothing left to hold on

Physical anguish, self punishment

I feel it pulsing
Contradiction with every step
Just saving face
My heart is aching in your absence

Teach me how to love
Teach me to die
Have my failures been prophesied?

Will I thread the needle?
Sick and tired of this foul taste that is left in my mouth

Blind Hysteria
Find truth
Blind hysteria
Takes root

Search my insides, and taste the fruit
Track Name: Empty Crusade
Spit on the few
Those proud, you deem below you

I've stood in silence
Prolonged this ignorance

This totem pole, non-existent
Blind politics
You hypocrite, self-righteous
Blind politics

New obsession
No stoping it

Product of the actions of few
Projected on the whole

Every crusade that you take up
Is just passing off your own blame

No sign of an end

Nail the scapegoat
Purge us all of these sins
Open up our eyes to see
It's how it's always been

End this empty crusade

You say they're all guilty, that someone needs to pay
But how can you not see, you're just as much to blame?

Look at yourself.
Will you pull the trigger?
Track Name: Dismemberment
The burden of
The suffering servant
Follows me
Did they walk in your blood
That covers me
Empty chest
Filled to the brim
How long will it be
Until I let it slip again

Mind shift, head splits
Torn in half by this vice grip

Two sides pinned against
Identity in agony


Pulled by the voice of society
Pressures of life tear me apart
No sense of self, bastardized by the world
Im scared to slip through the holes in your hands

Depravity, leave me.